Lam Research product solutions for front-end wafer processing

Plasma Etch: Conductor Etch

As the semiconductor industry continues to shrink critical feature sizes and improve device performance, conductor etch challenges include processing smaller features, new materials, and new transistor structures on the wafer.

Due to decreasing feature sizes, the etch process can now require atomic-level control across
a 300 mm wafer. Metal gates and high-k dielectric materials in the device stack require advanced multi-film etching capability. Advanced chip designs require etching structures such as recessed channel and 3D gate transistors, as well as conventional planar transistors. Furthermore, double and quadruple patterning techniques to address lithography limitations at the sub-45 nm nodes require the etch process to define the pattern on the wafer as well as reproduce it.

To address these etch needs, Lam Research offers the 2300® Kiyo® conductor etch and the
2300® Versys® Metal etch product families.


2300® Kiyo® Family
2300® Versys® Kiyo®
2300® Versys® Kiyo45™
2300® Kiyo® C Series
2300® Kiyo® E Series

The 2300 Kiyo product family delivers high-performance, high-productivity, low-risk solutions for conductor etch applications. Superior uniformity, uniformity control, and repeatability are enabled by a symmetrical chamber design, leading electrostatic chuck technology, and independent tuning features. The Kiyo products deliver high productivity with low defectivity on multi-film stacks, enabled by in situ etch capability, continuous plasma, and advanced Waferless Autoclean technology. Products are upgradable to provide low cost of ownership over several device generations. Applications include shallow trench isolation, high-k/metal gate, FinFET and tri-gate, double and quadruple patterning, and 3D NAND.   Lam Research plasma etch – conductor etch

2300® Versys® Metal Family
2300® Versys® Metal
2300® Versys® Metal L
2300® Versys® Metal M

The 2300 Versys Metal product family provides a flexible platform for back-end-of-line metal etch processes. Superior critical dimension, profile uniformity, and uniformity control for metal hardmask applications are enabled by a symmetrical chamber design with independent tuning features. The products’ proprietary chamber cleaning technology ensures high availability, high yield, and exceptional process repeatability for aluminum etching. Innovative and evolutionary upgrades provide low-risk, cost-effective product transitions to extend product lifetime. Applications include TiN metal hardmask, high-density aluminum line, and aluminum pad.   Lam Research plasma etch – metal etch