Lam Research product solutions for front-end wafer processing

Single-Wafer Clean

Wafer cleaning is a critical function that must be repeated many times during the semiconductor manufacturing process, from device fabrication through packaging. As device geometries shrink and new materials are introduced, the number of cleaning steps continues to grow at an aggressive rate.

Furthermore, each step has different selectivity and defectivity requirements that add to manufacturing complexity. For next-generation devices, fragile structures need to be cleaned without causing damage. In addition, cleaning steps that target the bevel region can help eliminate the wafer edge as a source of yield-limiting defects as well as increase the number of good die at the wafer’s edge to improve yield.

To address wafer cleaning steps throughout the manufacturing process flow, Lam offers multiple single-wafer wet clean products, as well as the 2300® Coronus® plasma bevel clean system.

Spin Wet Clean
SP Series
Da Vinci®

Lam’s single-wafer spin technology pioneered the industry transition from batch to single-wafer wet processing. These production-proven spin wet clean systems provide the productivity and flexibility needed for both high-volume manufacturing and leading-edge development across multiple technology nodes and for all device types. The products deliver excellent process uniformity across the wafer, wafer-to-wafer, and lot-to-lot. Proprietary technologies enhance damage-free particle removal and dry wafers so that they are free of pattern collapse and watermarks. Offering the latest in dilute chemistry and solvent systems, the products meet defectivity and material integrity requirements. Applications include particle, polymer, and residue removal; photoresist removal; and backside/bevel cleaning.   Lam Research single-wafer clean – spin wet clean
Plasma Bevel Clean
2300® Coronus®

The 2300 Coronus plasma-based bevel clean system enhances die yield by removing residues and unwanted films from the wafer’s edge that can impact the device area. The system combines the ability of plasma to selectively remove a wide variety of materials with a proprietary confinement technology that protects the die area. High system uptime and throughput, excellent process repeatability, and efficient in situ removal of multi-material film stacks and residues ensure high productivity for increased wafer output. Applications include post-STI, gate, middle-of-line, and back-end-of-line etch; pre- and post-deposition; and metal film removal to prevent arcing during plasma etch or deposition steps. It is also the industry’s only bevel clean product that removes amorphous carbon films and carbon-rich residues.

  Lam Research single-wafer clean – plasma bevel clean