Lam Research product solutions for back-end wafer-level packaging (WLP)

Wet Clean for Advanced Wafer-Level Packaging

Throughout the advanced wafer-level packaging (WLP) manufacturing sequence, wet processing steps are used for several key applications that vary widely in their process requirements.

Wet clean processes must be capable of selectively and thoroughly removing residues from many surface types and feature shapes, including bonding pads, bumps, and high-aspect ratio (HAR) through-silicon vias (TSVs). Wet etch technologies are also used for WLP substrate thinning and wafer stress relief applications, which require effective, yet gentle processes. In addition, because of large feature sizes, high throughput and low-cost manufacturing are important.

Lam’s SP Series products deliver production-proven single-wafer wet clean/wet etch solutions for WLP applications.

SP Series

The production-proven SP Series single-wafer wet clean systems provide the productivity and flexibility needed for WLP clean applications. A variety of products are offered, including single-, dual-, and multi-chamber tools, with ultra-thin substrate handling for 150 mm to 300 mm wafers. Employing Lam’s spin technology, which pioneered the industry transition from batch to single-wafer wet processing, these products deliver excellent process uniformity across the wafer, wafer-to-wafer, and lot-to-lot. A Bernoulli chuck provides device-side protection. Reduced running costs are enabled by multiple recirculation of chemistries. SP Series products address multiple wet etch and clean applications for WLP, including silicon substrate thinning, wafer stress relief, and backside/bevel clean.   Lam Research wet clean for WLP