Lam Research is committed to the sustainable management of environmental, health, and safety (EHS) concerns as a core business principle. This includes ensuring compliance with all applicable government standards and regulations and providing a safe and healthy workplace, while reducing our environmental footprint. We integrate health, safety, and environmental considerations into all aspects of our businesses, including product design and services, to provide productive and responsible solutions by:

  • Striving for zero accidents through the application of an EHS Management System
  • Implementing pollution prevention control strategies supported by an ISO 14001 system
  • Committing to continual improvement for our customers, company, and Lam personnel

Our EHS Management System reflects Lam’s Core Values and supports meeting our business objectives. Our Global EHS Sustainability Commitment Policy includes the following:

Lam Personnel and Operations – We will protect the environment, health, and safety of all Lam personnel and minimize our EHS risk through prevention of illness, injury, and environmental impact. All Lam personnel shall be involved in furthering this objective.

Solutions for Customers and Suppliers – EHS concerns are integral to our processes, services, and product designs, including responsible management throughout our products’ lifecycles. We educate customers, suppliers, and the public about the safe use of our products and openly communicate the protective measures we take for employees, our communities, and other key stakeholders.

Accountability – We utilize the EHS Management System to apply global standards, including compliance with applicable laws and regulations and other standards to which we subscribe. Our executives and managers are measured and held accountable for the safety and environmental performance of the business. We hold every employee accountable for his or her role in meeting our commitment.

Stakeholder Involvement – We work with stakeholders in the development of the laws, regulations, and standards that safeguard the community, workplace, and environment. As a responsible corporate citizen, we demonstrate this commitment by working within our communities and actively pursuing independent certifications and recognition, as appropriate.

Continuous Improvement – We address occupational injuries and illnesses, emissions, wastes and inefficient use of resources and energy as preventable process defects. We continuously improve our EHS Management System and work collaboratively with suppliers and customers to deliver solutions that meet business and EHS objectives.

Since 2003, Lam Research has been registered to the international environmental management system standard, ISO 14001. We are also a charter member of SEMI® Global Care™ and maintain reports of EHS performance, which are made available upon request. 

Lam Research and Lam’s Spin Clean division release the following environmental reports to capture and measure the success of established preservation programs:

For information about EHS at Lam Research, please send an email message to ehs@lamresearch.com.

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