Improving Performance in the Fab and On the Wafer

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Example of FinFET transistor structure

Semiconductor manufacturers face a very competitive business environment with many challenges. As a result, they require fast and efficient equipment installation, process development, process qualification, and ramp to production. To address these challenges, chip manufacturers rely on the expertise of equipment suppliers to provide services and support that maximize equipment effectiveness, lifetime, and return on investment.

Lam’s comprehensive customer support offerings deliver value throughout the equipment lifecycle, from system installation, production ramp, and new technology upgrades through end-of-life asset management. These include:

Lam’s Customer Support Business Group (CSBG) focuses significant attention on delivering solutions that meet our customers' technical requirements as well as productivity needs during the equipment lifecycle. These include, but are not limited to, system uptime or availability optimization, throughput improvements, and defect reduction – all designed to optimize cost per good-wafer out. Our dedicated engineering organization also works to enhance our customers’ capital efficiency through the development of productivity and technology upgrades. In addition, our Reliant Systems Business offers refurbished and newly built non-leading edge (legacy) products for low-risk operation with maximum predictability. Finally, customers and suppliers can easily access Lam Research technical and business resources through, MyLam, a secure password-protected portal.

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