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Galaxy Product Family

Galaxy Product Family


The Galaxy platform combines years of experience in batch wafer processing with advanced process control typically only found on single wafer tools.

The tool design allows single to multiple chamber layout equipped with a semi or full automation system. Additionally, the platform allows multiple substrate sizes to be processed on the same system.

Monitoring and controlling parameters like temperature, pressure, and chemical concentrations can be set and finetuned individually to customers’ requirements.

End point detection system for metal etching processes allows ecological use of chemistry with positive impact on cost of ownership.

Compared to common wet bench systems, the Galaxy platform offers significant water reduction in the smallest footprint.

Industry Challenges

Batch semiconductor manufacturing processes have become more complex in recent years, involving multiple steps and highly specialized equipment. Maintaining and upgrading fabs to keep up with increasing wafer size and technological advancements is costly and requires a high level of expertise. Therefore, cost effectiveness and flexibility are crucial benchmarks for today’s batch wafer equipment. The consideration of environmental aspect is also highly relevant for driving a cost effective and sustainable production. To address diverse and challenging requirements, batch processing equipment must provide flexibility for a wide range of process applications, while maintaining high productivity on low costs.

Key Customer Benefits

  • Minimal footprint with full modularity – upgradeable to fit future requirements
  • Processing of 3” to 300 mm wafers, up to 50 wafers per run
  • End-point detection system for etch process results
  • Ready for online dosing and chemical monitoring system (internal / external)
  • Service friendly tool design
  • Full sequence of metal etch processes in one system
  • Advanced chemical management

Product Offerings

  • Galaxy CX
  • Galaxy CM

Key Applications

  • Metal etch, UBM etch, oxide etch
  • Cleaning e. g. SC1 / SC2
  • Ozone treatment
  • PR-strip