Creating Flawless Thin Films

Lam Research metal films – copper electrochemical deposition (ECD)

SABRE® Product Family

Technology: Electrochemical Deposition (ECD)
Solutions: Interconnect, Advanced Memory

Copper deposition lays down the electrical wiring for the most advanced semiconductor devices. Even the smallest defect – say a microscopic pinhole or dust particle – in these conductive structures can impact device performance, from loss of speed to complete failure.

Lam’s SABRE ECD product family, which helped pioneer the copper interconnect transition, offers the precision needed for copper damascene manufacturing on the industry’s productivity-leading platform.

Lam Research metal films for packaging – electroplating


Technology: Electrochemical Deposition (ECD)
Solutions: Packaging

Copper and other metals are deposited to create the electrical connections that are used in advanced wafer-level packaging (WLP) and through-silicon via (TSV) structures. These tiny conducting parts help enable shrinking overall device dimensions to produce smaller, faster, and more powerful mobile electronics.

The SABRE 3D system combines Lam’s proven SABRE Electrofill® technology with additional innovation to deliver the high-quality films needed for WLP and TSV applications at high productivity.

Lam Research metal films – tungsten chemical vapor deposition (CVD)

ALTUS® Product Family

Technology: Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)
Solutions: Transistor, Interconnect, Advanced Memory, Packaging

Tungsten deposition is used to form conductive features like contacts, vias, and plugs on a chip. These features are small, often narrow, and use only a small amount of metal, so minimizing resistance and achieving complete fill can be difficult. At these nanoscale dimensions, even slight imperfections can impact device performance or cause a chip to fail.

Lam’s market-leading ALTUS systems combine CVD and ALD technologies to deposit the highly conformal films needed for advanced tungsten metallization applications.

Roll-over caption: Lam Research dielectric films – plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD)

VECTOR® Product Family

Technology: Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD)
Solutions: Transistor, Interconnect, PatterningAdvanced Memory

Dielectric film deposition processes are used to form some of the most difficult-to-produce insulating layers in a semiconductor device, including those used in the latest transistors and 3D structures. In some applications, these films need to conform tightly around intricate structures. Other applications require dielectric films to be exceptionally smooth and defect-free since slight imperfections are multiplied greatly in subsequent layers.

Lam’s VECTOR PECVD products are designed to provide the performance and flexibility needed to create these enabling structures within a wide range of challenging device applications. 



Technology: Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)
Solutions: Transistor, PatterningAdvanced MemoryPackaging

The latest memory, logic, and imaging devices require extremely thin, highly conformal dielectric films for continued device performance improvement and scaling. For example, such films are critical for spacer-based multiple patterning schemes where the spacers help define critical dimensions (CDs), as well as for insulating liners, which have little tolerance for even the tiniest defect.

Lam’s Striker single-wafer ALD products provide critical solutions for these challenging requirements through application-specific process and hardware options that deliver best-in-class film technology and defect performance at the lowest cost of ownership.

Lam Research dielectric films – gapfill high-density plasma chemical vapor deposition (HDP-CVD)

SPEED® Product Family

Technology: High-Density Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition (HDP-CVD)
Solutions: Transistor, Interconnect, Advanced Memory

Dielectric “gapfill” processes deposit critical insulation layers between conductive and/or active areas by filling openings of various aspect ratios between conducting lines and between devices. With advanced devices, the structures being filled can be very tall and narrow. As a result, high-quality dielectric films are especially important due to the ever increasing possibility of cross-talk and device failure.

Lam’s SPEED HDP-CVD products provide a multiple dielectric film solution for high-quality gapfill with industry-leading throughput and reliability.

Lam Research hardmask films – plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD)

VECTOR® Product Family

Technology: Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD), Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)
Solutions: Transistor, Interconnect, Patterning

Hardmasks are sacrificial layers that enable the precision needed for patterning when conventional masks fail. As device features continue to get smaller and more closely packed together, chipmakers are turning to techniques such as double – and even quadruple – patterning to overcome lithography limitations. Hardmask deposition plays a key role in these approaches.

Lam’s VECTOR PECVD and ALD products provide a range of high-quality hardmask films to address the specific needs of advanced patterning applications.

Lam Research thin film treatment – ultraviolet thermal processing (UVTP)

SOLA® Product Family

Technology: Ultraviolet Thermal Processing (UVTP)
Solutions: Transistor, Interconnect

Newer dielectric materials designed to meet the insulation requirements of the latest chips often have attributes that make them unusually difficult to use. These films are easily damaged and vulnerable to losing some of their insulating capability, which can lead to poor device performance.

To enable these advanced film applications, some films can be stabilized – and others enhanced to improve device performance –using specialized post-deposition film treatments available with Lam’s SOLA UVTP product family.

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