Lam Research is committed to pursue quality in every aspect of our business. Therefore, it is our policy to:

  • Constantly develop and improve our company – people, processes, product quality, technology, service, delivery, and value – and achieve/maintain world-class competitiveness in each of these areas
  • Build in quality ownership and customer-focused quality at each step as our products are developed, manufactured, delivered, and supported with defect prevention and elimination as our goal

Lam Research was one of the first organizations in the semiconductor industry to be registered to the Quality Management System standard, ISO 9001. The registration first occurred in 2001 and is audited continuously by external and internal Assessors. All facilities worldwide adhere to Lam's Quality Management System.

Lam Research also requires that its suppliers and outsource providers adhere to the company's quality standards. Outsource providers must sign service-level agreements requiring them to meet requirements for cost, quality, delivery, and technology.

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