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See the nanoscale. See the world.

Our global client base demands a global presence. With headquarters in California, our footprint extends across 16 countries and nearly 50 locations worldwide. We have technology centers in the U.S. and Taiwan, manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Austria, and Korea, and sales and support offices throughout Asia, Europe, and North America.

As a global company, we have a wide variety of positions at our offices around the world. Whether you are a technologist or have business, manufacturing, or other areas of expertise, Lam Research is a place of opportunity, growth, and new experiences. If you have a flair for international cultures and languages, we also offer job assignments in regional offices for qualified candidates, where they have opportunity to develop new skills while living in another country.

Wherever you are within the Lam community, you’ll have opportunities to grow and discover new experiences.

A company where successful people want to work

A company where successful people want to work

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