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Our Communities

Powering breakthroughs together

For more than forty years, we’ve defied conventions.
Challenged assumptions.
Pushed the boundaries of technical limitations.
But we know, technology alone doesn’t enable breakthroughs.
People do. They think big to build better communities.
To create safer, more sustainable systems.
To relentlessly pursue innovation that delivers real impact.
When people are empowered to collectively reimagine tomorrow, we power a better world for generations to come.

A key Lam Research guiding principle is to ‘Act with Purpose for a Better World,’ and it is from this global mission that we set forth our social impact program vision.

By empowering our employees and our communities to collectively reimagine tomorrow, we are powering breakthroughs together.

Focus areas


Lam knows that curiosity and inspired learning powers breakthroughs, which is why we invest in the ongoing foundational elements that lead to continuous discoveries and innovations.


Lam invests in resilient communities – strengthening the relationships, technology, and preparedness and recovery plans that enable communities to succeed in the face of adversity


Lam believes successful societies are inclusive societies. Through investments that facilitate equitable access and opportunity, we level the playing field and help communities reach their full potential.