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Quantifying wafer-processes with Å-level precision at high throughput

Mass Metrology measures the change in mass following deposition, etch, and clean processes to enable monitoring and control of these often-repeated core manufacturing steps. This measurement enables Å-level quantification to process changes. Especially for processes involving high aspect-ratio structures, complex 3D architectures, OR Atomic Layer Deposition, optical techniques are limited in their ability to measure accurately the thick, deep, or otherwise visually obscured features. Measuring the change in mass for these applications provides a simple, accurate, high-precision yet high throughput solution for monitoring and control of the critical features in advanced device processes, where there is often little tolerance for variation.

Our line of high-precision mass metrology systems provides in-line monitoring and control of nearly all wafer-processing steps in real-time. Mass measurement is capable of recording minute changes on the wafer (incl. Queue time effect) in maximizing outlier detection while optimizing Metrology fleet investment.

The accuracy of mass change measurements has helped some critical processes to improve yield and device performance through inline and closed-loop feedback control. The breadth and depth of mass metrology have also enabled device manufacturers to improve chamber-matching and chamber-drift control. Such versatility has enabled many device manufacturers in maximizing the value of mass measurement to control the lifecycle of their wafers with Å-level precision and high throughput.

Mass metrology

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Mass Metrology

Our mass metrology systems deliver sub-milligram measurement capability for advanced process monitoring and control of three-dimensional device structures.

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