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Providing precision measurement for process insight

Mass metrology measures the change in mass following deposition, etch, and clean processes to enable monitoring and control of these often-repeated core manufacturing steps. For design components like thin film stacks, high aspect-ratio structures, and complex 3D architectures, optical techniques are limited in their ability to measure accurately the thick, deep, or otherwise visually obscured features. Measuring the change in mass for these applications provides a straightforward high-precision solution for monitoring and control of the critical features in advanced device structures, where there is often little tolerance for variation.

Our line of high-precision mass metrology systems provides in-line monitoring and control of deposition, etch, and clean steps in real time – recording minute changes in mass to enable advanced detection of potential process excursions.

Mass metrology

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Mass Metrology

Our mass metrology systems deliver sub-milligram measurement capability for advanced process monitoring and control of three-dimensional device structures.

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