Strip & Clean Products

Leaving ultra-pristine surfaces

Strip and clean techniques are used between manufacturing steps to eliminate unwanted material that could later lead to defects and to prepare the wafer surface for subsequent processing. Photoresist strip removes the photoresist film and residues following ion implant or etch steps. To clear away particles, contaminants, residues, and other unwanted materials, wafer cleaning steps are inserted throughout manufacturing. Wet processing technologies can be used for wafer cleaning as well as strip and etch applications. Plasma bevel cleaning is used to enhance die yield by removing unwanted materials from the wafer’s edge that could impact the device area.

Lam’s strip technologies selectively remove remaining photoresist and provide process flexibility for multiple applications, while our high-productivity clean products deliver pristine surfaces center to edge for the most demanding cleaning steps.

Strip & Clean


Coronus Product Family

Plasma Bevel Clean

These bevel clean systems remove unwanted materials from the wafer’s edge while protecting the active die area to enhance die yield.

DV-Prime & Da Vinci Product Families

Wet Clean/Strip/Etch

These products provide the process flexibility needed with high productivity to address multiple wafer cleaning steps throughout manufacturing.

EOS Product Family

Wet Clean/Etch

Our advanced wet clean products deliver exceptionally low on-wafer defectivity at high throughput for progressively demanding applications.

GAMMA Product Family

Dry Strip

These products provide the process flexibility needed to address a wide range of critical photoresist strip applications.

Reliant Clean Products

Reliant Systems Wet Clean/Strip/Etch

Our refurbished and newly built Reliant products offer reliable, production-proven solutions at low cost of ownership for a range of frontside and backside/bevel cleans.

SP Series Product Family

Wet Clean/Strip/Etch

This proven product family delivers reliable, cost-efficient wet clean/wet etch solutions that gently remove unwanted materials from the wafer.

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