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EOS Product Family

EOS Product Family


Wet wafer cleaning is used between chip-processing steps to remove yield-limiting residues and defects. Continued device scaling, increasingly complex structures, and new materials bring additional defect removal challenges and also drive the need for increased wafer clean productivity.

As the latest of Lam’s wet clean products, EOS® delivers exceptionally low on-wafer defectivity and high throughput to address progressively demanding wafer cleaning applications.

Industry Challenges

Wafer cleaning is a critical function that must be repeated many times during semiconductor manufacturing. As device geometries shrink below 10 nm and new materials are introduced, the number of cleaning steps continues to grow at an aggressive rate. Increasingly complicated cleaning processes are driving longer process times and the need for greater overall productivity. Advanced cleaning capabilities are needed to address additional technical challenges. For example, multiple patterning approaches require collapse-free drying and damage-free particle removal. Cleaning processes that tightly control material loss are critical for FinFET. Wafer backside film removal is needed to modulate wafer bow and stress in 3D NAND structures.

Key Customer Benefits

  • Low defectivity enabled by advanced chamber design
  • Optimized high throughput with up to 16 process chambers
  • Lean-free drying for high-aspect ratio structures with proprietary technology
  • High-efficiency solvent chemistry reclaim for lowest cost of ownership
  • Backside film removal profile tuning control with unique chuck technology

Product Offerings Pro

  • EOS®

Key Applications

  • Particle, polymer, and residue removal
  • Backside/bevel cleaning and film removal