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Triton Product Family

Triton Product Family


The Triton platform is a versatile and modular solution for single wafer plating and wet processing. Its design makes this system the first choice for R&D and is expandable to support high volume production.

The platform allows processing of acids and solvents in one system. This makes the Triton an ideal solution to address various process steps in the smallest space.

Electrochemical deposition with patented plating technology enables superior uniformity and yield performance in line with the growing market demand of fine line plating.

Industry Challenges

Future advanced chip layouts require technologies supporting continuous shrinking of feature designs. While generating the interconnect layers, advanced plating solutions ensure a defect-free metallization.

Continual thinning of the barrier/seed stack along with line width shrinkage requires increasingly stringent process control to achieve sufficient bottom-up fill rate while protecting the seed layer. The broad range of feature geometries in a single logic layer requires a wide process window to ensure proper filling of structures with large variations in aspect ratio, seed coverage, and density.

Key Customer Benefits

  • Full modularity on minimal footprint – extendable platform to support increasing demand
  • Processing of 3” to 300 mm wafers, flat panel processing up to 300x300mm
  • Processing of different substrate sizes on one platform
  • Patented high speed plating technology
  • Plating and etch uniformity performance
  • End-point monitoring for highest product quality
  • Ready for online dosing and chemical monitoring system (internal / external)
  • Tool layouts customized to required process and fab environment

Product Offerings Pro

  • Triton CX
  • Triton CM

Key Applications

  • Electrochemical deposition of Cu, Ni, SnAg, Au, others on bumps, pillars, pads, RDL, TSV, FLI
  • De-plating
  • Metal etch, UBM etch, oxide etch
  • Backside bevel etch
  • PR-strip, PR-development