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DV-Prime & Da Vinci Product Families

DV-Prime & Da Vinci Product Families


Wafer cleaning is performed repeatedly during semiconductor device manufacturing and is a critical process that affects product yield and reliability. Unwanted microscopic materials – some no bigger than the tiny structures themselves – need to be cleaned effectively. At the same time, these processes must selectively remove residues that are chemically similar to the device films.

Based on Lam’s pioneering single-wafer spin technology, our DV-Prime® and Da Vinci® products provide the process flexibility needed with high productivity to address a wide range of wafer cleaning steps throughout the manufacturing process flow. For some applications, select models are also available through our Reliant® Systems as refurbished products, providing lower cost of ownership with the same quality assurance and performance as new systems.

Industry Challenges

Throughout the chip fabrication process, particles and other chemical impurities must be removed from the wafer surface. Each step has different selectivity and defectivity requirements that add to manufacturing complexity. For example, post-etch or post-ash polymers and residues need to be removed by dissolving them chemically, while insoluble particles are lifted off and floated away. These complex requirements have led to the increased use of multiple chemistries in one process. As a result, cost-effective chemical use is of growing importance. In the case of cleaning devices with high aspect ratio structures, residues must be completely removed without causing mechanical damage or excessive sidewall recess.

Key Customer Benefits

  • High particle removal efficiency
  • Flexibility to address defectivity requirements with the latest dilute chemistry and solvents
  • Reduced adder counts and yield excursions with compact, on-board chemical delivery
  • Lower chemical cost with chemistry reclaim system

Product Offerings Pro

  • DV-Prime®
  • Da Vinci®

Key Applications

  • Particle, polymer, and residue removal
  • Backside/bevel cleaning
  • Photoresist removal
  • Silicon substrate thinning/stress relief
  • Underbump metallization etch