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Values-Based Competencies

A clear path to what's possible

Laying the foundation for successful career journeys at Lam.

When you’re building teams to drive semiconductor breakthroughs that define the next generation, consistency is key. That means consistent criteria across hiring, performance, development, and promotions, providing clear, targeted strategies for growth and advancement, and a defined path to a successful career.

Our core values bring it all together, providing a consistent base for employees to start their journey and build upon throughout their careers.
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Defining values-based competencies at Lam

Values-based competencies refer to the knowledge, skills, and abilities that contribute to workplace effectiveness and career success. They are rooted in our core values, can be observed and measured, and focus on achievement in behaviors and actions.

While the values-based competencies outlined below focus on individual contributors, team members are guided by additional behavior expectations as they grow and evolve in their careers, with heightened expectations for managers and other leaders across the organization.

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Sets aggressive goals and delivers results

Agility Icon


Executes with speed, flexibility, quality, and purpose

Honesty & Integrity Icon

Honesty & Integrity

Is truthful and exhibits the highest levels of moral and ethical principles, always doing the right thing

Inclusion & Diversity Icon

Inclusion & Diversity

Creates an environment where different backgrounds and perspectives are welcome, heard, and valued

Innovation & Continuous Improvement Icon

Innovation & Continuous Improvement

Generates ideas and embraces change that makes us better as individuals and as a company

Mutual Trust & Respect Icon

Mutual Trust & Respect

Fosters genuine interactions with mindful consideration for others

Open Communication Icon

Open Communication

Speaks candidly, listens respectfully, and solicits feedback

Ownership & Accountability Icon

Ownership & Accountability

Takes responsibility, initiates problem solving and delivers on commitments

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Collaborates and cooperates to achieve common goals

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