Enabling Chipmakers to Create the Future

Our Role

Advanced microchips are in many of the familiar products we use every day—from mobile phones and computing devices to entertainment gadgets and the latest array of features on cars. Electronic products are everywhere and life without them is unimaginable.

Producing the tiny, complex chips used in these devices involves the repetition of a set of core processes and includes hundreds of individual steps. To do this successfully, semiconductor manufacturers require sophisticated processes and fabrication equipment.

As a market-leading equipment supplier, Lam Research works closely with customers to deliver the products and technologies needed to enable their success. By offering critical chip-processing capabilities, our products provide a vital link between the visionary designs for the latest electronic devices and the companies that produce them.

Our Processing Solutions

Market demand for continuously shrinking chip dimensions is driving the development of and migration to new fabrication strategies that enable producing these advanced devices with fine, closely packed features. Creating the cutting-edge microprocessors and memory devices for today’s products is extremely challenging and requires precision control at the atomic scale.

Through collaboration and drawing on multiple areas of expertise, Lam continues to develop the new capabilities required to manufacture increasingly complex devices with shrinking dimensions. Our innovative technology and productivity solutions for transistor, interconnect, patterning, advanced memory, and advanced packaging applications deliver a wide range of wafer processing capabilities needed to create the latest chips.

Our Products

Lam Research offers a broad portfolio of market-leading products for thin film deposition, plasma etch, photoresist strip, and wafer cleaning – complementary processing steps that are repeated multiple times throughout the semiconductor manufacturing process flow. To support advanced process monitoring and control of critical steps, our product offerings include a line of high-precision mass metrology systems.

For applications that do not require the most advanced wafer processing capability, we offer proven solutions with a suite of previous-generation legacy products. We have also extended our products to provide production-worthy and cost-effective solutions for the MEMS and LED manufacturing markets.

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