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Inclusive Societies

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Lam believes successful societies are inclusive societies. Through investments that facilitate equitable access and opportunity, we level the playing field and help communities reach their full potential. This includes:

  • Eliminating barriers that prevent vulnerable, marginalized and/or disadvantaged groups from fully participating in social institutions (after-school programs, education systems, workplaces, etc.)
  • Leveling the playing field for underserved and underrepresented communities’ long-term economic and physical well-being
  • Driving systemic change to break the cycle of inequities and/or designing new systems, processes, and procedures with inclusion in mind

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We deliver on our commitment to Inclusive Societies through our programs, including our partnership with the National Consortium of Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering (GEM) to provide graduate-level fellowships to underrepresented candidates in engineering and science; our partnership with Family Giving Tree to provide backpacks and other school supplies to families in the Silicon Valley area who struggle to meet basic needs; and our support of the Singapore Children’s Society’s annual Walk for Our Children to benefit programs and services for vulnerable youth.