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Resilient Communities

A Child holding a plant

Lam invests in resilient communities – strengthening the relationships, technology, and preparedness and recovery plans that enable communities to succeed in the face of adversity. This includes:

  • Implementing disaster preparedness and recovery plans that strengthen communities
  • Engaging and connecting with community members to support the adoption, maintenance, and evolution of preparedness, recovery, and relief efforts
  • Helping rebuild communities impacted by natural disasters or adverse conditions
  • Curbing climate change and mitigating its impact

A group photo of people with shovels

We deliver on our commitment to Resilient Communities through our programs, including our partnership with Ridge to Rivers to shape and finish a new section of trail in Boise, Idaho that allows for better erosion protection; our initiative in Taiwan bringing colleagues and their families together to plant tree varieties that can resist erosion and protect coastline; and our support of the International Rescue Committee to provide urgent aid to displaced families affected by the Ukraine crisis.