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Transformative Learning

A man pointing to a screen for children to see the information

Lam knows that curiosity and inspired learning powers breakthroughs, which is why we invest in the ongoing foundational elements that lead to continuous discoveries and innovations. This includes:

  • Pushing the boundaries of traditional approaches to education, with an aim to introduce new ways of learning, foster new discoveries, shift mindsets, and empower growth
  • Inspiring the next generation of innovators to solve the world’s most pressing problems through engineering and/or technology
  • Equipping people with the knowledge and skillsets needed to succeed in the innovation workforce of the future

Children sitting on the floor building a project

We deliver on our commitment to Transformative Learning through our programs, including our partnership with FIRST Global to inspire high school students to become future innovators; our partnership with Girls Inc. of the Pacific Northwest to enable girls in underserved communities to explore STEM; and our partnership with the Kids & Future Foundation to introduce young students in South Korea to afterschool coding programs.