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SABRE 3D Product Family

SABRE 3D Product Family


Electrochemical Deposition (ECD)


Copper and other metals are deposited to create the electrical connections that are used in advanced wafer-level packaging (WLP) and through-silicon via (TSV) structures. These tiny conducting parts help enable shrinking overall device dimensions to produce smaller, faster, and more powerful mobile electronics.

The SABRE® 3D family combines Lam’s proven SABRE Electrofill® technology with additional innovation to deliver the high-quality films needed for WLP and TSV applications at high productivity.

Industry Challenges

Electroplating of copper and other metals is used for a number of advanced WLP applications, such as forming conductive bumps and redistribution layers, and for filling TSVs. While similar to copper fill for back-end-of-line (BEOL) damascene, electroplating for WLP and TSV is at a much larger scale – on the order of microns (10-6 m) versus angstroms (10-10 m) of film to be deposited. This often requires long deposition times and multi-step processing. Challenges include improving within-wafer uniformity and within-die co-planarity at high plating rates, reducing cost of ownership, minimizing defects, and achieving reliable and void-free microbumps and solder joints.

Key Customer Benefits

  • Faster plating rates without compromising within-die and within-wafer uniformities enabled by advanced plating cell technology
  • Hardware and process knobs to improve die yield and system output
  • Flexibility to address a variety of packaging applications with modular architecture that can be configured with multiple plating and pre/post-treatment cells
  • Low cost of ownership for cost-sensitive environments, including technology to significantly lower SnAg chemistry costs

Product Offerings

  • SABRE® 3D
  • SABRE® 3D xT

Key Applications

  • TSV
  • Copper pillar
  • Redistribution layers (RDL)
  • Underbump metallization (UBM)
  • Leaded or lead-free C4 bumping
  • Cu/SnAg and Ni/Au microbumps
  • High-density fan-out (HDFO) applications (megapillar, RDL, 2-in-1 via, micropillars)