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Vantex Product Family

Vantex Product Family


Reactive Ion Etch (RIE)

Advanced Memory

Dielectric etch processes remove non-conductive materials during the manufacturing of a semiconductor device. Leading-edge memory devices have especially challenging structures, such as extremely deep holes and trenches, that must be manufactured with tight tolerances.

Lam’s latest dielectric etch system delivers unparalleled performance and productivity to create the most critical high aspect ratio device features. Vantex® delivers advanced RF technology, uniformity controls and Equipment Intelligence® to meet the needs of advanced memory manufacturing.

Industry Challenges

Memory cost per bit scaling requires customers to address multiple challenges associated with aggressive vertical scaling of device designs, etching multiple features simultaneously and implementing complex new integration schemes. Vertical scaling requires etching to new depths while maintaining the same feature CD to maintain the same lateral device density. Vertical directionality of the etch becomes critical as small deviations in ion angle can result in large displacement of the feature and thus reduce device yield. Combining multiple etches to reduce costs requires that this performance is achieved for features with different CDs and shapes simultaneously. Customers’ advanced integration schemes add complexity of multiple materials being exposed requiring increasing selectivity control.

Key Customer Benefits

  • Highest aspect ratio etching with tight CD control and selectivity
  • Highest productivity enabled by highest etch rates and control
  • Repeatable wafer-to-wafer performance enabled by advanced Equipment Intelligence®

Product Offerings

  • Vantex®

Key Applications

  • 3D NAND high aspect ratio hole, trench, contact
  • Capacitor cell