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Kallisto Product Family

Kallisto Product Family


An advanced vertical processing platform for wet chemical treatment of substrates from 300x300mm up to Gen 5.1 (1100 x 1300mm) tailored to the needs of semi industry.

Inspired by wafer level performance Kallisto offers a broad range of processing capabilities to address the future market requirements driven by AI, high performance computing and other applications.

Kallisto enables fine line plating on structures <10µm on various materials including organic and glass core technologies.

Processing can be single or dual sided depending on the application.

Industry Challenges

Advanced packaging is becoming an increasingly critical approach to continue scaling beyond silicon. Several device manufacturers and fabless companies are increasing adoption of novel chiplet solutions to meet performance and cost requirements. This accelerating chiplet transition requires new packaging solutions and innovations in the substrate market segment. As traditional silicon scaling approaches cost and technology limitations, companies are adopting novel chiplet and heterogenous integration solutions. To ensure continued scaling, substrate solutions require several innovations in process equipment solutions. In addition to meeting the technology roadmap needs, substrate level equipment must have increased flexibility to process panels of various materials and sizes. In addition, high productivity and low cost of ownership are desirable for high volume manufacturing environments.

Key Customer Benefits

  • Semi- and fully-automated systems
  • Processing of 300x300mm up to 1100x1300mm (Gen5.1) substrates
  • Thin glass handling capability down to 200um
  • Simultaneous double sided processing of panels
  • Full exposed panel surface treatment due to vacuum chuck technology
  • Plating uniformity performance
  • Ready for online dosing and chemical monitoring system (internal/external)
  • Flexible Tool layouts tailored to fab environment - optimized for low cost of ownership

Product Offerings Pro

  • Kallisto ECD CX/CM (Electrochemical Deposition)

Key Applications

  • Electrochemical deposition of Cu, Ni, SnAg, Au, others on bumps, pillars, pads, RDL, TGV, FLI