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VizGlow™ is an industrial simulation tool for high-fidelity modeling of non-equilibrium plasma discharges. As part of the OverViz™ Simulation Suite, it can be fully coupled with electromagnetic, fluid flow, and kinetic particle models to provide solutions to a wide range of complex multiphysics problems. It has been used to analyze discharges ranging from low pressure plasma reactors at a few mTorr to high pressure streamers at 15atm, all with a single solver. VizGlow is fully parallelized and can be used to perform large, 3D simulations with complex geometries.

Industry Challenges

A user of a plasma simulator is constantly confronted with the problem of choosing the correct model for a particular plasma problem and the correct numerical approach to solving the problem, as well as the correct interpretation of the results from a simulator. VizGlow’s focus on the problems encountered in the semiconductor industry have shaped the product throughout its two decades of simulation verification and validation campaigns. Since its inception, VizGlow has been designed to accommodate all disparate physics within a single framework.

Key Customer Benefits

VizGlow has a legacy of supporting semiconductor equipment and the integrated-circuit (IC) manufacturing industry. Semiconductor manufacturers use VizGlow to analyze existing equipment, improve processes, and develop new equipment concepts. IC manufacturers use our software to optimize their fabrication processes, identify / rectify process anomalies, and design new equipment. VizGlow is further bolstered by full-coupling to extensive chemical databasing via ChemZone, which has been used to rapidly explore large process parameter spaces in semiconductor manufacturing, as well as development and validation of new finite-rate chemical kinetic mechanisms, process plasmas, combustion, and other gas chemical kinetics.

Product Offerings

  • VizGlow – Fully coupled non-equilibrium plasma solver
  • VizSpark – Thermal plasma simulator
  • ChemZone – Fast plasma chemistry simulator

Key Applications

  • Semiconductor Etching & Deposition
  • Optimization of fabrication recipes & processes
  • Identification & rectification of process anomalies
  • Plasma propulsion
  • Dust & plasma behavior simulation
  • Laser plasma simulation

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