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Striker Product Family

Striker Product Family


The latest memory, logic, and imaging devices require extremely thin, highly conformal dielectric films for continued device performance improvement and scaling. For example, such films are critical for spacer-based multiple patterning schemes where the spacers help define critical dimensions (CDs), as well as for insulating liners, which have little tolerance for even the tiniest defect.

Lam’s Striker® single-wafer ALD products provide critical solutions for these challenging requirements through application-specific process and hardware options that deliver best-in-class film technology and defect performance at the lowest cost of ownership.

Industry Challenges

The semiconductor industry continues to push the scaling limits of logic, memory, and image sensor chips in an effort to deliver higher processing speeds, more data storage, and faster pattern recognition. The advent of 3D architectures with new methods of feature shrinking, in turn, are driving the need for innovation in chip manufacturing. To enable these approaches, deposition processes must provide ultra-thin, conformal dielectric films with properties targeting critical solutions for advanced patterning, capacitance reduction, superior electrical isolation, and damage-free hermetic encapsulation. Equipment makers are turning to ALD technology – where films are grown layer-by-layer and are not affected by feature size and pattern density – to deliver the required on-wafer results. At the same time, providing the productivity needed for manufacturing environments is also a key requirement.

Key Customer Benefits

  • Industry-leading technology and defect performance with reduced processing times enabled by rapid ALD cycles and “ALD-rated” components, software, and controls
  • Application tunable mechanical and electrical film properties within wide range of temperatures
  • Multiple chemistry capabilities for film doping and in-situ mask trimming
  • Hermetic, damage-free conformal liners
  • High-selectivity, low wet etch rate films
  • Best-in-class productivity and cost of ownership enabled by production-proven Multi-Station deposition architecture

Product Offerings Pro

  • Striker®
  • Striker® FE

Key Applications

  • Gapfill dielectrics
  • Conformal liners
  • Patterning spacers and masks
  • Hermetic encapsulation
  • Etch stop layers
  • Optical films