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Versys Metal Product Family

Versys Metal Product Family


Metal etch processes play a key role in connecting the individual components that form an integrated circuit (IC), such as forming wires and electrical connections. These processes are also used to pattern complicated metal hardmasks (MHM) that are used to form the wiring for advanced devices.

To enable these critical etch steps, Lam’s Versys® Metal product family provides high-productivity etch capability on a flexible platform. For some applications, select models are also available through our Reliant® Systems as refurbished products, providing lower cost of ownership with the same quality assurance and performance as new systems.

Industry Challenges

For back-end-of-line (BEOL) metal etch, semiconductor manufacturers are focused on the challenges of achieving repeatable profile and critical dimension (CD) control as well as maintaining high-volume, low-cost production. While metal hardmasks facilitate BEOL integration by increasing selectivity to low-k dielectric films, they also introduce new challenges, such as the need to control trench dimension and bottom line roughness. Etch technologies that provide process tunability without compromising productivity are needed to meet the needs of hardmask and other BEOL metal etch applications. Delivering this performance with low defectivity during the etch process enables the highest device yields.

Key Customer Benefits

  • Superior CD, profile uniformity, and uniformity control enabled by a symmetrical chamber design with independent process tuning features
  • High availability, high yield, and exceptional process repeatability with proprietary chamber cleaning technology
  • Upgradable products for low cost of ownership over several device generations

Product Offerings Pro

  • Versys® Metal
  • Versys® Metal45™
  • Versys® Metal L
  • Versys® Metal M
  • Versys® Metal N

Key Applications

  • TiN metal hardmask
  • High-density aluminum line
  • Aluminum pad