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Reliant Etch Products

Reliant Etch Products


Etch technology is used in all semiconductor device manufacturing processes to carve out the features that form transistors, contacts, and metal wiring structures of a semiconductor device. Several emerging markets, including micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and power chips, use multiple device types, some with larger and/or less complex features and new materials than those in current technology nodes. As such, they pose additional manufacturing requirements and require new strategies for managing production.

Lam’s Reliant® etch products enable roadmaps for Specialty Technologies and extend the productive life of fabs.

Industry Challenges

The “more than Moore” markets – including MEMS, power devices, and the Internet of Things (IoT) – are driving the need for low-cost manufacturing solutions with capability to address new etch process requirements. Meeting these remains challenging as the wide variety of device types used and new materials place multiple demands on etch. For example, the primary challenge for chips with large features is achieving high throughput to maintain productivity, while designs with high aspect ratio (HAR) structures need good process control.

Key Customer Benefits

  • Superior uniformity and repeatability enabled by symmetrical chamber design, industry-leading electrostatic chuck technology, and independent process tuning features
  • High productivity with low defectivity, enabled by in-situ multi-step etch and continuous plasma capabilities
  • Advanced control for higher aspect ratio applications
  • Low-risk, cost-effective etch solutions for 150 mm to 300 mm wafer sizes

Product Offerings

  • Kiyo® family (through Kiyo45™)
  • Flex® family (through Flex45™)
  • Exelan® family
  • DSiE™ family
  • Syndion® family
  • TCP® 9400 family
  • TCP® 9600 family

Key Applications

  • Conductor etch
  • Dielectric etch
  • Metal etch
  • Etch of specialty films (lead zirconate titanate [PZT], GaN, AIGaN, SiC, etc.)
  • Deep silicon etch for MEMS, power device, and TSV etch applications